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Various - Schnitzelbeat Vol. 1 - I Love You Baby

by Hubbubs , Hannes Patek , Franco Runa , Frank Roberts , and Dolf Kauer ,


Twisted Rock-N-Roll, Exotica & Proto-Beat Unknowns From Austria (1957-1965/1966)

For the very first time, a compilation series brings you a comprehensive collection of raw, wild and untamed gems from Austria! Schnitzelbeat spells out how local visionaries in genuine teenager subcultures and on the fringes of mass compatible recording industries translated Rock-n-Roll, Exotica and the advent of Beat music into a local flavour of their own. Schnitzelbeat happened where Halbstarken counterculture met flashy Popcorn Radio Rock, and where commercial orchestras and renowned Jazz legends went Incredibly strange. The LP-Version of Schnitzelbeat Vol. 1 - I love you Baby! present's you 16 intense, demented tracks that document the short period of creative proliferation before Austrian pop became 'Austropop'.
2nd press. First press sold out.