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Various - Schnitzelbeat Vol.2 - You Are The Only One

by The Slaves , The Rockets , The Desperates , Lamberts , The Lost Generation , and The Boys ,


Raw Teenage Beat & Garage Rock Anthems From Austria 1964-1970

A Sunday in August 1965: While the grown-ups are tending to their cars and gardens, a bunch of kids are maltreating budget guitars, cheap Italian combo organs, and ramshackle drum sets in the garage. Mandatory accessoires: longer hair than all the other boys at school, and black boots pointier than the tip of a knife. What had happened to these youths? What had infected the young (amateur) musicians brought to you by Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 was the exciting, new, hot sound seeping into cozy, provincial Austria from happening places like New York, London, and Hamburg. The artists compiled on this collection translate the air of unrestrained abandon transported by the newly emerging popular genres into their own, locally flavored idiom: Teenage Beat and Garage Rock Made in Austria, 1964-1970. Presenting internationally operating epigones of Austrian underground sound of the 1960s (THE SLAVES, THE GAMBLERS) alongside recently re-discovered trailblazers of independent production (THE LOST GENERATION, THE EARLS), Schnitzelbeat Vol. 2 is the first compilation of its kind to pay respect to the wilder side of home-grown Austrian teenage sound of the 1960s in all its diversity: you’ll find Instro Rock smashers, Beat ballads, straight-up Rhythm’n’Blues pieces, jangling, Folksy harmonies,savage Proto-Punk blowouts, and – of course – the off-the-wall appropriations of well-known international Beat hits that often provided ambitious amateurs with the jump-start they needed to get their own sound up and running. Curated and compiled by Al Bird Sputnik of the TRASH ROCK ARCHIVES (Vienna), this volume makes a compelling case for a revisionist history of Austrian Pop and Rock music. No 1960s underground Beat in the Alpine republic? Not true!

LP with 16 page booklet, containing liner notes in German and English.